How would you rate your quality of life?

I've been asking people in my circle, "How would you rate your quality of life so far?"

Most would pause then say something to the effect, "I'd have to say it's been okay."

Why? Well, because I've met cool people. Because I've helped others. Because I love my daughter.

How people defined "quality of life" became the interesting part.

Most admitted they defined quality of life as having fulfillment, purpose, and helping others.

Some admitted that their time partying, experimenting sexually, and hanging had not been fulfilling and did nothing for their quality of life.

No one mentioned what kind of couch they had, their car, or how much money they made.

A 21-year-old said that playing in his band gave him so much fulfillment that he could die tomorrow and feel his life had purpose.

A few said they felt their quality of life was highest when they were going through challenges, like school and life changes.

Before I asked this question, I admit, I defined quality of life as pleasure, comfort, and social relationships. Now, I'm changing my thinking to define quality of life as inspiring others.

How do you define quality of life?

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