Grueling, but worth it

I've been slacking on this blog. I've poured my energies into writing workshop content and re-writing Larry's book (the middle school version is on its way).

I'm pretty happy, but this is grueling! My eyes are heavy, my brain feels like an overworked athlete's body, and I'm scrapping to get by.

This isn't a complaint by any means.

I've been rolling around on the bottom of life for longer than I want to admit. I was pondering this the other day and that's when it hit me. Failure is the ULTIMATE giving.

We don't learn that much when things are going well. We're too busy partying and enjoying life. But when things are grueling, our emotions are in a marathon. Our brains squeeze out delusion and bring the truest thoughts to the surface. If those thoughts aren't what we want, we've then earned the opportunity to change them.

Rationalizing becomes a mental foul while in "make it happen" mode.

Is this process worth it? Is running a marathon or going to the gym worth it? Sure, it is. Afterwards.

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