Getting Rich

It's been proven that we get in life what we unconsciously feel we deserve. That's not a popular statement, but it's true. Everything is psychology. Our external worlds are a reflection of our external worlds. We have unconscious thoughts and habits that we adopted for reasons we can't even remember.

Our beliefs, emotions, and actions are like cans on a shelf. To get new things, we have to rearrange those cans. Moving those cans around can be painful in the short-term.

Ever watch the show Biggest Loser? An old roommate used to watch it. I was fascinated with the parts where the coaches talked to the people losing the weight. The contestants would open up, cry, and usually talk about abuse. THAT'S where the real work was taking place. Sure, the action steps were the exercise routines, but opening up and talking about the ugly incidents that got them unhealthy was the rearranging of the cans on the shelf.

It's safe to say a tremendous amount of people want to become rich. Well, becoming rich is more about self-improvement than it is anything else. Embarking on an endeavor where you can serve a lot of people is the action, but the work is the removal of mental blocks that get in the way. But here's the trick, all it takes is to identify those blocks and TAKE different action. That's it. There's no dragon monster shooting lasers out of its eyes that you have to fight. There's no law that says you can't do it. People don't come to your house and tie you up. You just recognize stale beliefs and take different action.

How do you recognize those thoughts?

There are basic ways like recognizing your thoughts after or during a workout, after a shower, right as you go to sleep, or right as you wake up. This is all when your conscious mind is relaxed and your real thoughts sprout up.

However, another way is set a goal and really do it. Here, you're taking action steps that move you forward, and your psychology has no choice but to keep up. You'll literally be able to feel your mind trim away stale beliefs and emotions, and unconscious blocks will come to you in the form of an conscious thought. Sure, it'll sting to admit that you had the stale thought, but now you're aware, and free to change it.

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