Guilty, carless, happy

A view from the carless life

I'm guilty of not updating this site during lots of changes. Lets get a little random.

I sold my car for $500. It was on the last stage of its life and the engine was being weird. Not wanting to fix it, I sold it to the first person, which happened to be a dealer, who made an offer.

Being carless gives me a lot time to read and write, which is now my job....because I quit my real estate job. Yes, I quit my job, moved into a room for $375 a month, and sold my car. I truly have never been happier and more lined up as a person. My inside life sings with congruency all day every day.

About a week ago, I let go. I surrendered, as the self-improvement gurus call it. For years my life has been constant changes, learning experiences, and messy growth that was painful in the short-term and beneficial for the long-term. For a long time, during those changes, I told myself—on some level—that these changes will end and my life will go back to normal. About a week ago, waking up in my $375-a-month room—days shy of turning 33—and believing I had almost nothing except a dream, ambition, and handful of intellectual property, most of which involve an imaginary weatherman—I let go. I surrendered. I said, "this is now what my life is. It's not going back to what it was." Immediately, my mind changed from scarcity to abundance. I looked at all I had. Family, friends, a wild personality....everything else.

All I saw was opportunity.

Things started to snowball. The 6-week gigs started this week. 2 to be exact.With one starting in September and another meeting next Monday. I began a gofundme campaign and it's working! I discovered that passion is contagious.

I feel so good on the inside. My actual life is lining up with my inside life. All I can thing about is helping other people feel this happy. Every human being deserves the opportunity to discover their core self.

I need to go work on that mission. More updates coming soon.

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