Here's an update, cupcake

I feel like I've slacked on the blogging. So many changes sidelined me from spilling my thoughts into the world.

I live in a room on the Tempe, Mesa border. It's actually cool. My roommate is a really normal human being who doesn't loom emotional insecurity around the house (ever had roommates like that?). The rent is $375! I mean, get at me!

I'm in the odd-market, and it's not that bad. Meeting people, having mini adventures, learning little systems here and there. It's mostly odd jobbing for Realtors and at this Italian restaurant.

A Boys and Girls Club in Tempe booked the 6-week course. More meetings about implementing it into other clubs this week. And I'm booked to do motivational speaking at St. Vincent's de Paul a few times within the next month.

Okay. Okay. Enough just talking about me.

I learned how this is going to work. Just selling creativity is hard. Creativity is usually entertainment. But I'm not an entertainment guy. My roommate made a Netflix account for me and I was like, "Uh, so which remote do I use....?"

It makes sense to make all this creativity mixed with "alternative learning." That's making the doors open. Teaching kids things like problem solving, goal-setting, resourcefulness, and resiliency is working. And, of course, Larry is the mascot.

I'm working on implementing a business model that also advertises to the parents. Getting the wild creativity to the kids via these presentations is working. They want it. They're embracive. But Mom and Dad need to get on board. Making it about learning these alternative life skills will get parents to join the mission. Who could say, "No, don't teach my kid problem-solving." Boom. That's what this is becoming.

I gotta get moving. I love humans.

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