Journey vs. Career

I often hear people with ideas complain that the book they just read, the startup class they just took, or the guru they sought advice from gave them the same textbook answer about building their idea. "Sure, I learned how to sell 10,000 more units after I already sold 100,000, but how do I sell the first 100?!"

The frustration is justified. Advice on how to manage a product or a system once it's already in place is abundant, but how do you get there?

The truth is no one knows.

No one has any idea on how to sell the first 100 widgets of your product or get the first 100 downloads of your app when you're starting out.

The reason why? Because it's not a career or a job yet, it's a journey.

Selling the first 100 or getting your idea to the level where it can even be called a startup is a journey. A journey where you have to be willing to fail, get rejected, get beat up, try anything, revise, grow, alter, try again and so on. This cannot be taught. No one has a crystal ball and can look into the future on how your idea will come to be, then write you a step-by-step guide on how you make it happen.

The journey is messy and dirty, but the journey makes it a career.

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