"You have to be lost to be found"

I think people who fail often, get made fun of a lot, or get rejected frequently are very fortunate. It's like those people have something so unique that the universe gives them a perpetual "reset" button in the form of failure or rejection.

I've been reading about decision-making and how the best decisions come from a place of your highest principles and values. It's SO simple to make choices from a place of filling a void, to get instant pleasure, attain short-term acceptance, or countless other things.

I've failed and been rejected so much I feel I'm at the core of who I really am, and my highest values are staring me in the face. It's a cleansing feeling of emotional recycling. I'm also saying to myself, "Well...I'm trying to turn all this book, speaking stuff into a startup so why don't I lay the foundation with what I want the organization's values to be?" Hmm...

I think that's key. The biggest entrepreneurs who built the longest -lasting companies knew exactly what their organization's core values were. Amazon/Jeff Bezos is an incredible modern example. Those leaders wrapped everything they did around the context of those core values.

Rejection, do-overs, and failures uncover core values.

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