I mess with it

A few months ago I was selling books at an art show in the parking lot of a strip mall. It was night and a variety of people were going in and out of the nearby bar, head shop, and record store. A young person born in the 1990s (a nineties baby) came up and asked, "What is this?" I gave him the elevator speech, "He's a self-made weatherman named Larry...."

The young man bowed his legs to keep his sagging pants up as he thumbed through the book. The congruency in his body language, outfit, and energy made his personality attractive. After investigating the book, he nodded his head, and effortlessly spat, "I fucks with it," before continuing on with his evening.

My buddy recently put me in touch with the Marketing Manager at the Boys and Girls Club (a different person than I deal with when I book speaking gigs). During our phone conversation today, she explained that her role is to raise money for the BGC. I pitched her the idea of doing a campaign where I sell "X" amount of books in a certain time period and a portion of the proceeds would go to the BGC. This could give Team Brandon and Larry (and others now) some credibility and legitimacy. She was open to it. I sent her a book.

Of course, she could hate it (I mean, that scene where Larry gets chased by a chainsaw-waving farmer could go either way) but all I can think about is the same book that made an untraditional nineties baby say, "I fucks with it," being accepted by a 40-year-old Marketing Manager.

I think a lot of projects fail because they can't hit all the demographic rings needed to move up. To get your idea visibility means you have to manufacture your own project —usually outside of the system and with little connections—and get it into the system. Doors have to open. It has to benefit a variety of people. Its original message has to be preserved. Credibility has to be maintained.

I don't have a good resolution paragraph here. I want to say that I no longer care how far the book goes because I've become a better person, which is true. I want to say that I'm enjoying being a speaker more because I can reach more people in less time, which is true. But creating something that can make a variety of people say, "I fucks with it," would be incredible.

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