What is it about the feeling of change that bookmarks certain eras of our lives? That easy-to-identify mix of emotion that makes us scared in the short-term and reminiscent in the long-term. A first day of school. Remembering how a healthy relationship began. The last glance of an empty apartment before we walk out the door for the final time.

That nervous-excited-butterfly feeling consistently pops in and out of life. Rarely welcomed or celebrated at the time, that tornado of emotion turns to yearned-for excitement as time changes our memory of it.

Imbalances and change have a way of coming together, just not how and when we want them to. If only our logic could remind our emotions that things have a way of working out. But what would be the fun in that? What would happen to those moments where we sigh as we sit on the edge of our beds? What about those nights when we fall asleep not knowing at all how we're going to solve that next batch of problems? Years later, how would we view the next morning when we nervously tumbled out the door—fueled by reluctant determination to face the world like a starving hunter charging game in the caveman days?

Those are the best moments of life.

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