From Hayden Road...

The speaking gigs at the Boys and Girls Clubs (and YMCAs) have turned into an opportunity to present a 6-week course on finding your passion. I have to finish writing the course then present it to the Youth Directors of the clubs.

This journey just keeps going. I have no idea what this is becoming…but maybe I do. I’m no longer selling a book, I’m selling a lifestyle. A lifestyle where your passion is your highest value, as opposed to a paycheck or security.

I’ve been expecting this full-time transition to be far worse than it actually has been. My odd-jobbing life, thus far, has been doing hourly real estate work for Realtors. I do the work, get paid, and forget it even exists until the next time I have to go. The two roommate options I'm contemplating are both around $400 a month including utilities, and both are close to the light rail. What? That's so cheap!

As I get assignments to write things like the 6-week course, I put my laptop in my backpack and go to different spots and work on it. I’m actually writing this as I sit along the grassy part of Hayden Road. I mean, this isn’t a glamorous life by any means. I’ll have to limp along my Honda Civic for a while (resourcefulness is a great skill), my clothes for the next 6 months will come from Goodwill (where all the cool clothes come from), and the source of fun for my social outings will have to come from conversations (as it should be) rather than drinks or a fancy ambiance, but this is the way I like it!

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