Are you this to the core?

I believe we all have a core self. Who we really are at the core of our psychology. What we really like, what we really want to be, what our values really are.

I've studied lots of people who've made it big and recognized one major thing. All of them are acting in accordance with their core self AND they just happened to be in a band, rap, act, or be an author.

How do we find our core self? The method I'm familiar with is to go through enough challenges and obstacles to finally say, "Screw it, this is who I really am! I don't care how I'm gonna pay the bills or if anyone else understands! I just wanna be me!"

Then everything falls into place.

I have this theory that no one cares what kind of car you drive, no one cares if you have granite countertops, and to an extent, no one cares what kind of college degree (if any) you have. But your core self, who you truly are, is the most beautiful thing to the rest of the world.

After a weekend of (unsuccessfully) trying to figure out how I'm gonna eat food and live for the next few months, I spent the morning booking more speaking gigs at Boys and Girls Clubs (4 gigs this week, we're off and running!). Each time I went in and introduced myself, not only did it get easier, but my psychology rewarded me. I was in a better mood. I was a more cautious driver. I liked myself more.

The rent has a way of getting paid. But your core self is like fruit on the vine that will either wither away from being ignored or grow and thrive from being discovered.

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