Imbalances = Change

I've begun the search for a room to live in. I'm going to break my lease, decrease my expenses, and live in a room to focus on Larry's book, presenting, and learning computer programming (to make more projects).

I think any change is like a remodeling of your insides/of your psychology. You know what I mean? I've felt it looming for weeks. I spoke at a Young Writer's Camp for middle-schoolers a few times last week and it felt really good to help them find their passion. It was like, "finally, this is how it's going to work. Okay. I'm done. I'm moving on."

Do you ever make a choice and in your mind it's over? Catch up, world, the commitment has been made!

I had about 45 minutes with each class and I focused on how they can find their passion for the first 40. When it was question time, all they wanted to know was how I became an author. Whoa. That vibe was a lot different than standing on street corners at art shows trying to sell a book about a self-made weatherman to disengaged passerbyers (not sure if that's actually a word).

That saying "you can get whatever you want if you help enough other people get what they want" is so true. But it takes a hot minute to get there. I think we all have a core self (or who we're actually supposed to be) but it's tough to find. How do we get there? Action, my peeps. Action is the only way we find our core self. Clumsy, awkward, murky, dirty, slow action.

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