The Ultimate Guidebook for Reinventing Your life

Are you in a position where you have to change right now? This book, through its tone, advice, and guidance, has your back. Need to figure out how to find your passion? Turn to page 48. Need to understand your own emotions? Turn to page 36. Need to explore your patterns? Turn to page 39. It's your tool for the growth and changes you're experiencing.

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Each of the 3 sections begins with a list of terms defined in a survival way. Instead of time defined as the passing moments, it's defined as our most valuable resource. Failure isn't just when things don't meet your expectations, it's rapid growth where you're shedding who you used to be. 

This book was written from the point-of-view of wanting to help you discover and understand yourself while on the journey of carving your own path. The practicality of the material is moderated and guided by the author's long-time fictional character, Larry the self-made Weatherman. Larry chimes in with action steps and a few scrapbook-style snippets from his journey of becoming a weatherman on his own. 

Don't know how to find your passion? Turn to this page. Confused about what to do after you find your passion? Turn to this page. Worried about what others will say? Turn to this page.

This reference book merges self-discovery with entrepreneurship and allows you to reference the intrapersonal situations you may face while reinventing yourself and carving a new path. 

It's a great tool for anyone at least 14 years of age who is going through life changes or preparing for them. 

We hope it helps you on your journey of becoming who you really are.

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